Support local flower plantings

After a cold, wet spring, summer-like weather warms the earth back to life. Local folks venture outdoors again. That’s the beauty of changing seasons.

There are song birds looking in the grass for insects, chipmunks scurrying here and there, and squirrels scrambling from tree branch to bird feeder, and back. A doe and her fawns amble at the forest edge.

The familiar summer sounds of lawn mowers and tillers fill the air as area residents embrace the growing season.

The lawns are green, and local gardeners are tending to their plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby.

It can bring personal joy, it brightens the neighborhood, and is good for the environment. It is a soothing sight.

Adding to the beauty of the area are the members of the Northwoods Garden Club. The Iron Mountain-Kingsford-based organization spreads cheer by planting flowers throughout the community.

Remember those petunias at the Dickinson County Courthouse, Kingsford City Hall, Gazebo Garden on Woodward Avenue, the Dickinson County Library and along Chapin Pit?

This is the group that has assumed responsibility for planting and caring for those wonderful flowers.

Their efforts have generated a sense of pride throughout the community.

Their petunia plantings have sprouted seeds of thought in the minds of others. Suddenly, neighbors throughout Iron Mountain-Kingsford are sprucing up their homes, yards, and gardens.

The red-shirted members of the Northwoods Garden Club have launched their flower power campaign in Iron Mountain-Kingsford again this spring.

As soon as the danger of frost was gone, they plotted their strategy.

Their mission included the courthouse, library, Kingsford City Hall, gazebo, Chapin Pit and other areas.

This group of a dozen or so community-minded individuals cannot do it alone, however.

Mother Nature provides the sunshine for free but it costs lots of greenbacks for the thousands of petunias and other bright colorful flowers the club uses.

This is where club members need help. They need community donations to help pay for the flowers.

This is one of the best deals in town.

Think of it.

We donate the flowers, and they plant them and water them for everyone to enjoy.

Show your community pride and appreciation by supporting the flower plantings with a tax-free donation.

Check out the coupon on page 9-A of today’s Daily News.

Send your donation today to:

Northwoods Garden Club

C/O Dianna Jamar, Treasurer

P.O. Box 104

Iron Mountain MI