IMHS team wins national award


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IRON MOUNTAIN – A team of four students from Iron Mountain High School claimed the first-ever Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Science Challenge national championship – beating out 60 schools across the country.

The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Science Challenge is an online quiz competition designed to attract and challenge top tier high school students. The program recognizes the individual high scorer with a scholarship and the winning school with a trophy. IMHS was the winning school and has received the trophy to be displayed at the school.

The IMHS team includes seniors Henry Hakamaki, Daniel Kulas, Jason Borntrager and Nicholas Salin.

To win, the students had to register with the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation and take a series of quizzes that required calculating the answers to complex science problems. Individual scoring was a combination of time and accuracy for each questions and the sum of each team members’ score became the team score.

Iron Mountain High School was one of only 60 schools across the country invited to participate in the science scholarship program.

“Thousands of the brightest students registered to test their math and science knowledge, which included concepts of genetics, physics and calculus,” a spokesperson for the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation said.

The questions for the challenge were created by a team of Florida high school students that were recommended by their school’s administrators.

“I am happy Mel Laydon took up the challenge to get Iron Mountain High School involved in this science scholarship. She has been a long time advocate of our program,” said Daryl Hulce, president of the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.

Laydon is the scholarship administrator for the Iron Mountain Public Schools.

“Iron Mountain was up against a lot of big college prep schools across the country. It just goes to show that motivated students at any school have the potential to do great things,” he added.

The individual scholarship winner from the Science Challenge was Troy Lambert, a senior from Paxon School for Advanced Studies in Jasonville, Fla.

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