UW-Extension offers free canning programs

FLORENCE, Wis. – There is nothing quite like home – canned tomatoes or crisp family – favorite dill pickles.

“Preserving food from your garden or farmer’s market during the summer can make for quick and delicious family meals later on,” says Barbara Ingham, University of Wisconsin Extension food safety specialist, “but be sure to follow research-tested recipes for safe, high quality food that your family will enjoy.”

Florence County UW-Extension is offering a series of free lunchtime learning opportunities so your summertime canning and food preservation activities will be based on up-to-date research-tested information.

Each of these one-hour programs will be a chance to listen, learn, and ask questions of experts in the field. The following programs will be held at the Florence Natural Resource Center – 5631 Forestry Drive, Florence, WI from 12 noon – 1 p.m.

June 17: Making Jams & Jellies – Preserve the taste of perfectly ripe fruit in homemade jams and jellies and consider new gift ideas in jellied fruit and vegetable products.

July 1: Canning Vegetables Safely – Safely preserve your garden’s bounty of vegetables with canning.

July 15: Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products – Whether pressure canning whole tomatoes, canning salsa in a boiling water canner, or even making tomato jam – options abound for safely preserving tomatoes.

Aug. 5: Time to Make Pickles – Your family will enjoy the taste of summer with safe, high quality quick-pack pickles (and we’ll discuss genuine dills & sauerkraut too!).

Aug. 19: Drying Foods at Home – Wondering what to do with those few onions, tomatoes, carrots or tomatoes sitting in the crisper? Try dehydrating them to make a flavorful soup base. And consider dried fruit as your go-to snack for hungry kids home from school.

Aug. 26: Successful Storage of Garden Produce – Extend the season as long as possible by properly storing your garden’s produce.

“Food safety is, and should be, a primary concern when preserving food at home, from freezing peas to drying of apples. The extension service sets itself apart in providing research-based information,” said Jenette Jones, Florence County family living agent.

For information on these programs please call (715) 528-4480, ext. 113 or email kathy.bednarski@ces.uwex.edu. Information is also available online at www.foodsafety.wisc.edu