Washington is broken


In response to “No real cover-up,” published on May 30, I have the following rebuttal.

How can anyone say that the Benghazi hearings reveal no real cover up? These hearings have proven that this president has lied to the American people.

Rice knew what it was. Hillary knew what it was and certainly, Obama knew what it was. He intentionally misled the American people and blamed these “riots” on a cheaply made movie about Mohammad and Islam.

It’s very obvious that this admission would have very likely cost him his re-election so, he and his administration lied to the American people.

I think most everyone is tired of being lied to by politicians. To say basically “well, Rumsfeld did this or Bush did that,” is simply a deflection.

One might as well say “well, he did it so I should be able to do it too.” The letter seems to forget that the Somalis had Bin Laden in custody and the U.S. government, under Bill Clinton, chose to let him go. It sure seems to me that if President Clinton had chosen to take custody of Bin Laden, we very well may not have had a tragic 9/11/02.

As far as the statement that Republicans are pulling out all stops to manufacture a scandal I add this. These are scandals.

Let’s start with Fast and Furious, I suppose that giving weapons of war to drug dealers is an everyday item. I would certainly hope not. These same weapons were used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol Officer. Why doesn’t Obama just tell his Attorney General to tell the truth instead of making it into a scandal?

Is it that this administration doesn’t feel that the American people can handle the truth? I think it’s because most Americans would be appalled by the truth. It’s a scandal because Obama elected to invoke executive privilege. Why?

The IRS scandal. How on earth can anyone say with a serious face that what the IRS was doing was simply their job?

Does the author of the letter have any idea how many conservative groups were denied 501 (c) 4 status in relation to liberal groups? The letter accuses the conservative groups of lying on their applications. Just how would the letter know that? Guessing? Inside knowledge? Magic 8 ball? The letter even goes so far as to say “the tax code being misused by politically bias groups such as the tea party.” Really? I suppose that only liberal groups are capable of “social welfare.” Groups such as Organizing for America which is pushing everything on Obama’s agenda, are entitled to exempt status. Who decides what is best for Americans? The IRS? Liberal groups? You? I don’t think so.

The issue of the government seizing the phone records of the press is another scandal. The suggestion that this okay, is starting down a very slippery slope when you advocate for this type of intrusion into our lives.

I don’t want the government deciding that my information needs to be seized just because they think I did something wrong. Did they get the goods on the reporter? Was he charged with a crime? The letter throws the word patriot out there. Is it patriotic to allow your government to trample all over our God given rights? Our fore fathers foresaw this. That was why they put the Bill of Rights in there.

You might want to ask the Japanese Americans if they appreciated our government trampling over their rights for the good of the country during World War II.

Corporate America. I own my own company and I’ll tell you what. My employees much rather if I were to allow them the opportunity to bank their time. The letter assumes that all corporate America will abuse the system and that America’s employed is not capable of deciding for themselves what is best for them.

The letter is assuming that the law requires corporate America to demand that employees take the hourly banking system instead of time and a half. The law would allow the employees to decide which way they prefer. It’s not up to the company, it’s an employee choice. It’s so typical of the Democrats to think American workers cannot think for themselves.

All of Washington is broken.

It’s not a Democrat or a Republican issue. Both parties are no longer working for the American people. These people go to Washington with good intentions, but something happens to them along the way. This country is in desperate need of term limits.

There is no way that a person can be at that level of politics for 8 or more years and still be able to relate to the average American person. Americans need to take control back and remind the politicians just who they work for.

David H. Alquist

Former Quinnesec-Kingsford resident

Denver, Colo.