Wolves in my back yard


The people that want to stop the wolf hunts to reduce the wolf population are happy all the people in Michigan will have a vote on the upcoming wolf hunt.

They care less about the wolves chasing 90 percent of the deer out of their natural habitat and into inhabited areas, towns and cities.

I know this for a fact because I own 40 acres of cedar swamp in the center of 200 acres of cedar swamp. Last winter there were no deer in this excellent deer habitat but deer all over in and around Channing.

I watched them eat balsam trees, which they only eat as a last resort, and they ate all the branches they could reach on the homestead apple orchard I grew up on, half a mile west of Channing.

Yes, I have seen wolves in my back yard and running down the shore of Sawyer Lake.

In short, let’s have a vote in the area affected by wolves, not the whole state, which is something like the whole state voting for the mayor of Lansing.

The DNR will control the problem where it exists but they do not think that enough wolves to watch walking in your back yard is a problem.

Leo Fende