Nobody has to be alone


The Upper Peninsula Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans is a recently formed support group/network for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their families.

Our goal is to foster comradery and help establish new friendships amongst the upper peninsula veterans in order to help combat the negative aftermath of being in a combat zone.

Many veterans experience a culture shock when they return from over seas and many lose the comradery and friendships they had while they were in the service. We want to rekindle what has been lost so these veterans can have positive support systems and friends in place to help them get through any struggles they or their families may be dealing with. It is hard for some veterans to hold a job or sit in a college classroom because they are not ready for that, PTSD is a huge problem amongst our veterans and that is something we want to fix. Nobody should be alone and nobody has to be alone.

Our immediate goal is to spread the word to the U.P. Iraq/Afghanistan veterans so they are aware of the group. We would like to hold a few events each year in which these veterans and family members can meet each other and bond with those who know what they are going through.

As a veteran, I know the struggles first hand, and I know its hard to find people who can relate to you which makes it hard to want to go anywhere to socialize and meet new people. This group is a way to meet fellow veterans who have similar experiences and interest.

There are no dues, there is no formal process to join. We are open to all Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who have ties to the Upper Peninsula, as well as their family members. If anyone has any ideas, comments, suggestions, questions, we are happy to hear it. Please help spread the word. We can be reached at and

Jason Tormala

Atlantic Mine