Carney Basketball League

CARNEY – Juice Promotions chalked up an 80-64 victory over Lone Rangers in the Carney Summer Basketball League.

Jared Benson scored a game-high 28 points in the win, with Lone Rangers’ Jacob Kleiman reaching 27 points.

In other action:

MJ Electric 77, Best Cedar Products 52 – Charlie Klumb’s 17 led MJ.

Country Roads 88, Bark River Old Timers 78 – Andy Cretens and Brain Haack led the victors with 19 points. Matt Richer scored 23 for Bark River.

Esky 96, Brock Farms 65 – Jordan Young and Geoff Smart each poured in 28 points in the win.

Floyd 84, Carney 82 – Dylan Ranquette’s 26 points for Floyd led the way.

Cutler’s Edge 116, Wangerin Logging 70 – Tyler Price went off for 44 points in the win.