Too close for comfort


Just think. “Daddy, there’s a puppy by the door. It looks like a German shepherd puppy.”

When in fact it was a wolf pup. The wolves are getting too close for comfort and too many.

They have taken down the deer herds and other animals and even pets, killing tied-up dogs even. How much closer and deadly will they be?

The DNR should rewrite the hunting laws – before a small child playing in the back yard gets attacked or even an adult walking.

Wolves are getting too close for comfort.

Two years ago, a wolf almost got my female sheltie dog. I live below the Bates Cemetery.

Lady got hung up on the old barbed wire. It was all so I’d designed bright orange knit collars for her and Sugar, her pup.

She was barking and crying as I called her. I followed to the fence-line where she was. She was so happy to see me. Then I happened to look into the next field.

There was a big wolf. He was watching us. Lady was so glad to follow me back to the house. Every once in a while, she’d stop, turn around and growl.

A few neighbors were seeing the wolves and as they said also, “too close for comfort,” especially near the river and Lake Emily.

Time marches on and a few weeks later on U.S. 2 near Greg’s Auto Body and the Bates School there was a big wolf pacing the roadside, traffic was slowing or stopping and some were taking pictures of the animal.

The wolf kept looking at my little green truck. Was this my wolf? Did it know me? Scary. And he was by the school where children are. The balance of nature is one thing; but an over balance is another problem.

Bonnie Bobnock

Iron River