Could be from above


This letter is for the person or persons who have taken items off the graves at the Norway Township Cemetery. These occurrences happened between November of 2012 and May of 2013. Some of the items taken were solar lights.

Family members have placed these items on their loved one’s graves with special meaning to help in the aid of the healing process of their loss. On my family lot alone, items taken were solar crosses, angels and lanterns that were placed in cement.

I do hope that the person/persons who took these items were really in need of them; even though the solar lanterns needed to be replaced, as they did not light any more.

You really have to have low self-esteem or character to take things from the dead.

Just an FYI, they do make cameras that take pictures that are motion activated. You’ll never know who’s watching you. It could be from above.

Margaret Baciak