Tyranny of two parties


It is a sad day indeed, when voices of third party political, or in my case, the voice of no political party affiliation, is either silenced or ignored.

The gridlock of partisan politics between the Democratic and Republican parties is often spoken of in the media and the public, but the tyranny continues, to the detriment of everyone, including those in the major parties.

As I have struggled to make my voice heard, through my intense efforts to serve the people as an Independent candidate for the governor of Michigan, this uphill battle is made all the more difficult by many who say that there has never been an Independent governor in Michigan, in addition to not having millions of dollars to compete with the Democratic and Republican candidates.

It is also a sad day indeed, when it is assumed, (and in most cases true), that the candidate who has the most money wins the election. That is very unfortunate on many levels. Undoubtedly, money is a factor in most areas of life, but it should not be a predominate factor in politics, as money is one of the most corrupting factors in the world of politics, and most other areas in life.

There is also the mistaken believe, of most people, that a person who has never held public office does not have the capability to be an effective representative of the people. This is despite the fact that, in my case, I have been serving the public for over 39 years of my adult life, successfully worked my way up from a dirt poor background to a solid middle class lifestyle, received much formal and board-based real world education, and held many successful leadership positions in my life.

In both cases, I do not have the politician baggage that often comes with money and having served in public office, but I do have the fire in my belly to serve the public as we both need and deserve, and firmly believe that it is time for a person such as myself, who believes that he is the most qualified person at this point in time, to serve the people as the governor of Michigan.

I will continue in my efforts to be elected as governor of Michigan until the bitter end, and it will indeed be a bitter end to continue to endure the tyranny of the two-party rule.

Robin Sanders

Ann Arbor