Sacrilegious ending


In response to Rich Moore’s Letter to the Editor in the Thursday, May 23, edition, I must say that I do believe this man is in the wrong profession.

Obviously, he should be making millions writing fiction, with his gift of imagination and penchant for verbosity.

I’m sure he could have much more easily conveyed his message without needing two-plus columns in the Letters to the Editor, by simply saying: “I am one of the people who has been successfully brainwashed by the multi-millions of dollars of propaganda, intended to slander our president. I have been convinced that I hate Barack Obama, even though I have never met the man, and I obviously have never researched his true history.”

Then, the sacrilegious ending to this letter of the typically implanted vicious hate, calls on God to support exactly the opposite of what God has taught us?

The God, that Rich Moore invokes to bless himself and others, after his public hate rant, taught us in his second great commandment: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.