Michigan 4-H announces need for host families

IRON MOUNTAIN – Michigan 4-H is in need of host families for the Polish youth, age 14-18 years old, who will be coming to Michigan for one month this summer.

They will attend Exploration Days (June 19-21) and then begin their one month stay with their host families. They will return to Poland on July 17. Host families must have a son and/or daughter age 14- 18 years old.

The exchange youth will be matched to the host sibling by gender, age and interests. Host families need to go through an application process.

Currently there are six boys from Poland in need of placement with a Michigan family.

“Please consider this opportunity to make a difference for a youth and your family,” said a spokesperson.

Other international exchange hosting opportunities exist with students from Japan, Norway, Finland, Belize, Argentina, Australia and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Contact the Dickinson County MSUE office at 774-0363 or Iron County MSUE at (906) 875-0604 for more information.