CF Musicale observes National Music Week

CRYSTAL FALLS – The Crystal Falls Musicale observed National Music Week May 6-12. The theme chosen this year by the National Federation of Music Clubs is, “Music… he Colors of Life.

National Music Week has as its objective “to create an understanding and appreciation of the value of music in the home, the community, the nation, and the world.”

National Music Week occurs each year during the first complete week in May, Sunday through Sunday. This is the 90th year for the observance that was begun by Charles Tremaine in 1824.

Music has been important throughout history. It exerts a leading influence on our everyday lives and has become a powerful means to deepen our worship, express patriotic fervor, and add a joyous atmosphere to happy occasions

The Musicale has set up a window display in Joanie’s Beauty Shop in Crystal Falls featuring this year’s theme. A special acknowledgement goes to Joanie Hietala for again donating her window space for this celebration.

This Crystal Falls Musicale not only enjoys singing but, promotes and supports musical events whenever possible. Each year, Forest Park students are offered scholarships to music camps and colleges. Funds for these scholarships are earned by the Musicale at their annual Christmas Concert and Tea.

The local Musicale welcomes new members who enjoy music and are willing to support various other music-driven projects throughout the year. If anyone would like more information, they can call president Sue Alexa at 875-3249.