Get Obama impeached


I have seen enough and heard enough and it is time to impeach Obama. Remember, Nixon was impeached for his people breaking into a Democrats office. No one was killed in this, yet he was impeached.

Now we have a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, two months before the Presidential Election and it is all swept under the rug with lies and deceptions from the White House? All to make sure that this did not cause Obama to lose the election?

You had Susan Rice and Jay Carney lying to the American people day after day?

I could have screamed when I heard Hillary Clinton say in her examination by Congress, “what difference does it make” about our four Americans being killed.

Tell that to the families of those men killed. We had other security forces a mile away from our Embassy that were ready to go and help the four men being attacked and they were told to stand down?

Are you kidding me, no soldier ever stands down when comrades are being attacked, they go in and fight. This order came from the White House or Hillary Clinton’s office. Then we had those men that wanted to help being told to keep quiet about what happened.

Then the lies about the video by Susan Rice and Jay Carney day after day. This is a corrupt administration and we need to get Obama out of office. We need a movement to get him impeached now.

You have the liberal media protecting Obama. What do you think the liberal media would have done if it was George Bush that this happened to? Oh boy, would they have attacked with a vengeance..

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, all did nothing to bring out the truth of this. They helped cover it up to protect Obama.

Thank God for Fox News and their continuous coverage to get the truth out

Now finally ABC and a little by CNN, and the truth is finally coming out.

We need a movement by citizens to get Obama impeached. I am also sick and tired of seeing all the Democrats on TV backing Obama and his lies, and Democrats in general for not being able to see the truth and get past politics.

This is not about the Democratic and Republican parties, this is about a terrorist attack that killed four americans and a coverup to hide the truth so that this president’s election was not derailed.

We need more informed people in this country, the backers of Obama do not know anything about what is going on. There are a great many people who are informed and you all need to speak out and let’s get Obama impeached, now.

We need a movement of informed citizens to push our elected officials to move on this now. Write and e-mail your Congressman now, I did this morning and let them know they need to attack now and get Obama impeached.

Allan Peterson