Believe in Washington?


This month The Wall Street Journal had an article about the al Qaeda franchise threat. They contradicted Mr. Obama who stated al Qaeda was “on the path to defeat.”

The WSJ rejects this thinking stating al Qaeda resurged in new locales and forms, become more active in more places. They state premature declarations of victory are incorrect and Obama should acknowledge emerging problems. The tide of war, to correct President Obama’s favorite line, isn’t receding, it’s rising.

What has Obama accomplished for the good of America? He has turned the nation’s defense budget into the nation’s pork-barrel budget with the help of representatives and senators who push low-priority pork-barrel projects.

As the Citizens Against Government Waste detailed take a look at the Air-Force C-130 AirLifters. Over a 21 year period the Air Force requested five of these $50 million air planes. However, they got 262 of them because they are built in the home districts of Congress’s most influential members. In the Navy a $1.5 billion ship was funded that they didn’t need or want.

It was built in the state of one of the most powerful U.S. Senators.

Do you believe Mr. Obama? The coming ObamaCare shock is a major reason for concern.

Even Senator Max Bacus, a Democrat, called it a “train wreck.” It appears that there will be 30 million to 40 million people damaged in some fashion by ObamaCare, more than one in 10 Americans. This scenario isn’t new.

Mr. Obama is out of his lane and always promises more than he delivers. He has his own agenda and his welfare state frustrates working and productive Americans. These are dangerous days for our country. With the congressional approval rating at an alltime low and the sequester showing Americans how broken much of the country is.

Why did Boston happen? The Tsarnaev brothers did not appear at the Boston Marathon out of nowhere. The FBI had interviewed one of them and he posted jihadist videos on the internet. As the WSJ stated “someone dropped the ball.” The public deserves a full accounting from FBI Director Robert Muller, not merely an apologia.

It is positive that subpoenas may be issued to compel testimony on Benghazi.

House speaker, John Boehner wants the release of emails claiming the administration had political motives for over-looking some pertinent reports.

He said “the goal here is to get to the truth.”

He wants to know why the White House has done everything possible to block access to the information that would outline the truth. The State Department and Hillary want to be insulated from criticism over security.

A high ranking American career diplomat, Gregory Hicks, who was on the ground in Libya, on May 8, gave a riveting account of the Benghazi attack in which he knocked the administration response. Mr. Hicks has since been criticized and demoted. Mr. Hicks recounted his last conversation with Ambassador Christopher Stevens, his own desperate appeals for help before he and three Americans died in the attack.

The WSJ stated on May 9 “It is clear enough already that senior administration officials knew in September that they had a politically potent debacle on their hands and did their best to delay and obfuscate any accounting.”

Believe in Washington? No chance,

George Zaio

Iron Mountain