Victim recovering from bear attack


Staff Writer

MARINETTE, Wis. – A Silver Cliff, Wis. man who was attacked by a black bear last week at his home has been treated and released.

Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve said that Gerre Ninnemann was treated for bites and scratches from his belt line up to his ear.

Sauve added that the bear, which was killed by a Marinette County Sheriff’s Department deputy, was examined and tested negative for rabies.

According to Sauve, it is not uncommon for his department to receive calls about bears loitering in rural residents’ yards at this time of year.

“They usually go away when we sound the horn or turn on the siren,” he said. “It’s highly unusual a bear would attack.”

The attack on Ninnemann occurred at about 1:30 p.m. on May 15 at his home on Finch Lane.

Ninnemann had heard his dog barking and saw a black bear going after the dog. He called his dog and tried to run into the house, but the bear caught up to him and knocked him to the ground.

Ninnemann’s wife Marie grabbed a gun from the basement. She did not know how to load the gun, so she used it to hit the bear. Ninnemann was then able to take the gun and use it to prod the bear away from him.

After making it back to the house, Marie called 911 to report the attack and inform officials that the bear was still circling around the house. A deputy arrived and shot the bear with one round of OO buck.

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