DNR take control


I wasn’t going to write about wolves again but an article in the paper criticizing my articles made me think about deer chased out of their natural habitat and into cities, towns, inhabited areas and south into crop farming areas.

They are in the process of shooting them like the potato farmers do now with permits from the DNR.

Oh yes, we have plenty of wolves in our area, they slaughtered cattle in Sagola and I personally saw two wolves trotting along the lake shore on Easter morning.

I understand that the insurance companies were happy to see the wolf put on the endangered species list for the second time but now they are unhappy because the deer are out of the woods and into the cities and inhabited areas causing many deer accidents.

I can attest to that because I was in two deer collisions, in both cases the deer were at full speed, being chased by wolves. One was at Sawyer and the other at Channing.

One of my concerns is the deer being chased out of their natural habitat. Many people do feed them but when you have dozens of deer in your area many are hungry and feed on balsam trees, which I understand, is not healthy food for deer and will kill them unless they have some other foods.

I know they are hungry in our area, near Channing, where I grew up because they stripped all of the apple trees off their branches. Apple trees have been at our homestead for over 80 years.

Let’s let the DNR take control of wolf management, in areas that need control, not a state wide vote that affects less than five percent of the people.

Leo Fende