Moral of this story


Lately I’m being contacted by many who want to sell me gold. I read a story years ago in an apocryphal book about a father teaching his son.

He said: Son as long as you know how to use your hands you will always be free. In times of drought, war, famine, pestilence you will always know how to gather and produce food. The rich man will come along and offer you a bar of gold for a loaf of bread.

The dollar’s purchasing power having shrunk so much reminds me of an artists drawing showing a picture of a rich man coming to a man who has a loaf of bread and wants to buy that loaf with a bar of gold.

The man with the loaf of bread gave it to the rich man and the man that had the loaf thanked him for the gold bar and he promptly made a boat anchor out of it.

He thanked the rich man because now he had an anchor that would not rust. What’s the moral of this story? What’s your take?

Gary Proudfit

Iron Mountain