Black bear attacks man


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TOWN OF SILVER CLIFF, Wis. – Marinette County Sheriff’s deputies and Silver Cliff Rescue were called to a residence on Finch Lane Wednesday for a black bear that had attacked a man.

According to the incident report, the complainant advised dispatch at 1:25 p.m. that the bear had bitten her husband and was still circling the house and wouldn’t leave.

Upon arrival, Marinette County Deputy Daniel Beauchamp saw what appeared to be a juvenile bear in the driveway near the house. A man in the cabin window pointed at the bear questioning if this was the bear that attacked him and he said yes.

Beauchamp then exited his squad with his shotgun while the black bear walked around the passenger side of the squad car.

Beauchamp got in position for a safe shot and waited for the bear to show himself.

The bear came around the front passenger side of the squad car and was shot by the deputy with one round of “OO” buck, which killed the bear.

Dispatch was advised that it was safe for rescue to come.

Gerre Ninnemann and his wife, Marie, were inside the cabin. Gere had bite marks from his belt line up to the back of his head along with cuts and scratches.

Marie administered first aid.

The incident report indicates that Gerre said he heard his dog barking and then saw the bear going after his dog. He called his dog back then tried to run into the house, but the bear ran him down from behind the took him to the ground and started biting and clawing his back.

Gerre was able to get up and made it to the corner of the cabin when the bear caught him again and attacked him.

Marie said she grabbed a gun from the basement and some shells and her husband told her to shoot.

She said she never shot a gun before and didn’t know how to load it.

She said she hit the bear over the head trying to get it away from her husband.

The bear let go and Gerre was able to get the shotgun from Marie and use it as a stick trying to poke the bear and keep it away from them as they backtracked into the cabin.

The bear continued to circle the cabin and looked in every window as it walked around the cabin and would not leave the property.

Gerre was then taken by Silver Cliff Rescue to Bay Area Medical Center for treatment. His condition is unknown.

Conservation Warden Tim Werner arrived and assisted in the investigation.

He kept the bear so that is could be checked in Madison, Wis. for possible rabies.

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