Abused my authority


This is to the residents of the Village of Alpha:

My name is Nicholas Rickman, for a short term in 2012 I served as the village clerk of Alpha. As you all know I abused my authority therein, and did what was not right. I came upon hard times and did what was inconceivable to all, including myself.

I am now serving my sentence imposed upon me by the judge of Iron County. This has given me plenty of time to think about my actions. I now see there were other honest avenues I could have taken. At the time I was unaware of the opportunities out there. No excuse, I know, but I am aware now.

I want to ask the Village of Alpha, and its residents to forgive me. I know you have been through this before. Forgiveness is hard. I don’t ask to forget, I just ask, let me come back to the community and live my quiet life.

My goal is to find a job as soon as possible, pay my fees, restitution, and court costs as quickly as I can. I also just want to make the place I live something Alpha can be proud of. I too love Alpha and call it home. As all of you, I desire to see it a desirable place to benefit each and every one of us.

Prior to my conviction I saw many of you in public. Several were and remain to be forgiving, some not so much, and I was nervous to be out. Justly so. I just ask that after my term here at ICCF, and my restitution is paid, that you the residents of Alpha can look at me, and see I am a good person. I did a horrendous act, and I am sorry I can’t apologize enough for my decisions. You gave me a position of trust and I dishonored it. I can’t ever say in words how sorry I am for that.

All I can say is forgive me for my actions. Allow me to live in Alpha, quietly, humbly, and in time regain your trust. Like they say, “It takes but one second to lose someone’s trust, but years to regain it.” I am willing to take those years.

If at anytime any of you would like to talk to me, have questions, or anything else – please feel free to approach me. I can be, and will be up-front about everything.

When I leave ICCF you know where I will live then.


Nicholas Rickman