IM tennis back in action today

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Iron Mountain boys tennis team attempted to finally host its first home match Thursday, but rains arrived before the contest against Gwinn became official.

Iron Mountain was ahead 4-0 when play suspended, the Mountaineers doubles teams sweeping the Modeltowners.

“We tried our best to finish, the weather just wouldn’t cooperate,” Mountaineers coach Greg Stegall said.

The Mountaineers returned Gerry Pirkola and Max Frorenza at No. 1 doubles this spring. The tandem won at U.P. Finals last year.

Henry Hakamaki, half of IM’s returning No. 2 doubles champs, has been paired with Danny Willman. They won 6-4, 6-1 Thursday.

“Henry Hakamaki and Danny Willman are playing well together,” Stegall said. “They are continuing to improve.”

Nick Cecconi and Jacob Mongrain controlled their match at No. 3 doubles, winning 6-1 6-2. Freshmen Jordan Wadge and Nick Lusardi are proving themselves at No. 4, posting a 6-2 6-2 win Thursday.

Taylor Huotari, who played No. 2 doubles last spring, was leading at No. 1 singles against Derek Reetz before the rain Thursday.

“He was playing his best tennis, serving big, with nice points battling with a strong opponent,” Stegall said. “Overall the team looked good, everyone settling in to the season with a lot of challenging matches behind us, earning their respective positions.”

Iron Mountain plays at Menominee today

The Mountaineers full roster follows:

SENIOR – Gerry Pirkola, Phillip Koerschner, Henry Hakamaki, Nick Cecconi, Cody Alto, Al Tomassoni, Max Frorenza, Nathan Gerhard.

JUNIOR – Marco Savarin, Patrick Merkel, Grant Bales, Sawyer Kujala, Paul Edlebeck.

SOPHOMORE – Cole Rosatto, Trevor Schetter, Mark Beauchamp, Danny Willman.

FRESHMEN – Luke Truscott, Nick Lusardi, Jordan Wadge, Marc Koerschner, Jacob Mongrain.