Kindness and consideration


In the recent past, I have had a problem with some neighbor’s dogs, both in trespass and incessant barking.

Another neighbor’s cat has been stalking and killing birds at my birdfeeders and at another neighbor’s down the road. We both take offense to that.

A friend of mine has been bothered with a neighbor’s very loud music.

And I’m sure another neighbor would not take kindly to the neighbor who picks up road-kill deer to entice predators (for viewing) into the area. (The road-kill deer are placed on the frozen Paint River which has drawn quite a few wolves into the area). These neighbors have livestock and have had predator issues.

Some of these problems/issue are dealt with by laws. There are leash laws for dogs. I’m not sure about cats, the loud noise and drawing in predator issues. There is nothing written so we all have to rely on a neighbor’s ability to realize the impact of their actions.

Many of our present-day laws have a biblical foundation, forefrontly that of killing, stealing, and bearing false witness among others. Just read the book of Exodus.

So much of the way we should treat each other is also God’s law. Even those non-Christian can have God’s law written on their hearts. Read it in the book of Isaiah. Jesus says in Matthew 7:12 do for others what you would like them to do for you.

We are all neighbors. We have written laws but also those laws unwritten – kindness and consideration. Please be a law-abiding and considerate neighbor.

Mary Dumitru

Crystal Falls