Point out good and evil


Shame, shame on pastors not following in the footsteps of the Black Robed Regiment. Black Robed Regiment is a name given to the pastors in the colonies who were preaching about the God given rights of man being violated by the British Government.

These courageous and patriotic men were blamed by the British for the American Independence Movement. It is no accident that the rights given by God and stated in the Declaration of Independence are no more than a listing of 20 years of sermon topics the founders heard while in the pews. It is almost certain that the theology and philosophy of governing for Barak Obama is rooted in what he heard from his pastor.

Our government today is passing many laws that violate the Law of God. Our founders believed that the only valid and just laws were those that conformed to the Law of God. That is why many of the buildings in Washington DC have an image of Moses with the Ten Commandments displayed in a prominent place so we do not forget.

It is a lie that there is such a thing as separation of church and state in America. The lie continues to be promoted to keep pastors quiet. The Constitutional restriction is for the government only, so that they can’t require me to go to a specific church if congress were to decide it is the official church of the government.

Some things pastors might want to cover in their next sermon are the will of God regarding homosexual activity, redistribution of wealth by the government, special treatment of certain segments of the population, same-sex marriage, broken promises, the use of tax power in order to coerce citizens to purchase a product (i.e. health insurance), and failure to admit mistakes and cover up the truth.

Have the evils of abortion been mentioned from the pulpit yet? Do the people know about Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors? The main stream media is ignoring the story.

I know of local pastors who decline to distribute pro-life materials to their congregation. One in particular said, “In our church we don’t talk politics.”

Is it a political issue or is it a moral issue? I am aware that many in the pews may be “pro- choice” and want to have the right to kill their infants in the womb, but what does God say about this?

Jesus was killed because he mixed his religion with politics. Eleven of his 12 apostles were also killed because they listened to Jesus when he said, “Lead my sheep” and, “Feed my sheep.”

Many sheep are not getting a proper diet. Our society and government need a spiritual revival. Many leaders and citizens alike are shirking their responsibility to be informed on the issues of the day and work for truth, fairness, and justice.

Pastors have a tremendous influence with their flocks. I challenge all pastors to become the New Black Robed Regiment, point out good and evil where it exists, and rally their congregations to Christian political action. Our nation desperately needs your help to survive.

Remember, the first Black Robed Regiment even put their lives on the line for God’s principles.

James Wilcheck

Iron Mountain