Near record low today


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – Below average temperatures have been the norm for the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area since mid-January, but today’s low temperature came close to breaking a record.

Todd Kluber of the National Weather Service (NWS) in Marquette said that this morning’s low of 23 degrees ties the low temperature in 1996 for the third coldest May 13 on record.

The record low for May 13 in the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area is 18 degrees, which was set in 1920. A low of 20 degrees was recorded in 1943.

NWS data goes back 110 years. Official readings for the Iron Mountain-Kingsford area come from Ford Airport.

Kluber said that normal temperatures for this time of year are low 40s for lows and low 60s for highs.

“As a whole, the Upper Peninsula has had below average temperatures since about mid-January,” he explained. “The start of January was somewhat warmer.”

April was especially cold. Kluber pointed out that April 2013 was the seventh coldest April on record.

However, temperatures should be warming up for the rest of the week.

Kluber predicted that high temperatures should reach the 60s by Tuesday, then remain in the 70s through Friday.

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