Memorial bowling

IRON MOUNTAIN – Marge Gehring Memorial Tournament was won for the second year in a row by the ladies from Mike’s On Main.

Mike’s tallied an 8537 total pinfall on matches of 2722 at Recreation Lanes, 2943 on its home lanes and 2872 at Doug’s Hilltop.

Their lead was 289 pins more than Recreation Lanes, which shot a total of 8251 on scores of 2725, 2630 and 2896.

Leading the ladies from Mike’s was Lynn Porthouse with series of 512 and 508 and high games of 248 and 200. Pam DeBock also shot a 500 series. Filling the remaining positions on the Mike’s team were Amy Stanchina, Amy Bal, Cheryl Rochon and Denise Decremer.

Leading the way for Recreation Lanes was Pam Rostagno, who shot 629 (tournament high series), 567 and 533. Rostagno had high games of 248, 223 and 202.

Close behind was Karen Veeser with series of 551, 520 and 509 and high games of 206 and 202. Vicky Corsi, Belinda Burke and Cathy Tomassoni also bowled for Recreation Lanes.

Finishing in third place was Doug’s Hilltop with a total of 8195 on scores of 2683, 2749 and 2763. Tracey Dabb led the way with a 535 series and Cheryl Kazianka tossed a 204 game. Other members of the Doug’s Gehring team included Sue Champeau, Sue Mikolajczyk and Lil Olson.

The men of Recreation Lanes cruised to an 819-pin victory in the Bunzie Rahoi Memorial Tournament.

Recreation posted totals of 3316 at Recreation Lanes, 3075 at Mike’s on Main and 3141 at Doug’s Hilltop.

Pacing the Rec Lanes attack was Brad Senger with high series of

728 and 669. Senger tossed games of 258, 246, 223, 226 and 226.

Pete Tomassoni had a high series of 726 and high games of 277, 267 and 237. Kevin Hanson tossed high series of 683 and 650, and high games of 253 and 238. Craig Burkman had high series of 671, 654 and 627 with games of 237, 235, 231, 227 and 226.

Joe Marotz ended the weekend with a solid three-game series of 643, 623 and 623, and a high game of 259.

Doug’s Hilltop finished in second place with an 8713 total on scores of 2877, 2895 and 2941. Doug’s men was led by Randy Forcey with top series of 632 and 612 and high games of 244 and 228.

Mike Mikolajczyk followed with series of 616 and 601 and games of 237 and 235. Larry Luthardt tossed a high series of 611 and high game of 247. Dan Peterson and Ron Branback completed the Doug’s team.

Rolling to a third-place finish with a total of 8687 (2978, 2745, 2964) was Mike’s on Main. Mark Skog led the Mike’s on Main men with 754 (tournament high series) and 661 and games of 258, 257, 239 and 225. Also chipping in for Mike’s was Del Hamacher with series of 679 and 630 and high games of 258 and 227. Rounding out the team are Neil Varda, Jerry Truitt, and DeBock and Brad Perry.