Wrong approach


We are using the wrong approach, spending billions of dollars and doing nothing to keep gun using robbers from continuing their rampage.

Take Obama’s city of Chicago. It has one of the strictest gun control laws in USA and the worst city in USA for gun violence and gun robberies. Also, why should a felon not be allowed to buy a gun unless he is a gun related felon?

We are too engrossed in making laws around a few disastrous episodes by insane people and not around the millions of crooks that make a living using guns.

Someone mentioned to me that the violent movies probably psych out some people to do violent gun related crimes.

If we would give a huge reward to anyone giving information to the law enforcement on any gun related crime, make every gun related crime a federal offense, give 10 years imprisonment in a federal prison for the first offense and death by a firing squad for the second offense we would see a huge drop in gun violence.

If we continue on Obama course we will have the same results as Chicago’s Obama – strict rules and no results.

If you want to make rules on machine guns and other high load capacity guns I can’t disagree with that approach.

Leo Fende