Police issue meth dumping warning


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – Troopers from the Iron Mountain post of the Michigan State Police, in conjunction with the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, would like to urge the public to exercise extreme caution when observing suspicious items dumped in recreational areas, trash cans, or roadside areas.

These items may contain components used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Components used in the manufacture of methamphetamine may look like common household items, but they can be extremely dangerous.

Under the right conditions, the discarded chemicals can be highly explosive and ignite upon contact with oxygen.

Common components used in methamphetamine production are:

– Soda or Gatorade plastic bottles with a light brown or pink sludge in them. Be extremely cautious of any bottle containing liquid.

– Solvents like paint thinner, Coleman brand camp fuel, or HEET gas line de-icer.

– Lithium batteries, or pipe cutters or pliers that can be used to break open the batteries and extract the lithium metal strips.

– Lye from liquid Drano.

– Ammonia nitrate from Miracle-Gro tree spikes or cold packs.

– Pseudoephedrine like Sudafed or Wal-phed.

– Muriatic acid from aluminum foil.

– Other items such as plastic tubing coming out of a bottle or coffee filters.

These items are highly flammable and can create an acid that can burn the skin. Anyone who finds these items should not touch them, stay away, and call 911.