A race well run


Have you ever tried organizing and directing a Spring Running Race for all ages? Well, this is what our Quinnesec Tony Adams – there is also a Norway Tony Adams – has been doing for the past 28 years.

When George Tinti got hit in the eye while running, the threat of disbanding the Norway Spring Classic was a possibility. Tony, a former runner did not want to see the demise of this race so he jumped in as director. Over the years he has introduced different types of races for all ages, the most recent is a bicycle race.

This race is for runners who find pleasure in feeling the softness on their face as they split pockets of fresh air.

Does it take much work directing a race? You bet it does. Many months before the race a Saturday morning day, the first part of April, has to be selected. Runner applications have to be printed up or made available online, listing the different races the runners have to choose from, male/female, age bracket, 5 or 10 Ks, 2 mile walk/run, and a bike race for kids.

Volunteers have to sign up for various jobs, directing traffic at intersections.

Assisting runners with ankle bracelets that record the exact time they have run the race, giving out the proper size jerseys to each runner, setting up food booths, collecting the entry fees, news releases for the local news media.

Then the presenting of the trophies and awards after the race, is part of his job. These are just a few of the details that the Race Director is responsible for and many more behind the scene.

Tony is blessed with many fine volunteers and to them, I tip my had, but Tony Adams is the Main Man behind the Norway Spring Classic which provides good wholesome outside enjoyment for 400 to 500 participants. Some of the long-time sponsors of this race have been: Norway-Vulcan Schools, Norway Dairy Queen, First National Bank of Norway, and Pepsi.

Next time you see Tony, express your appreciation for all the work he puts forth to make the Spring Classic a successful fun race, another plus for living in the great U.P.

Hager Anderson