Let them do their job


The wolf hunt issue must be decided the same way the DNR decides on other game species. This is why we have the DNR in the first place.

The voters of the state have no say so in the issue of a wolf hunt.

We have hunting seasons on deer, coyote, grouse, ducks, geese, and so on.

We have fishing seasons for all our fish species in Michigan. The seasons are for time of year, length of season, and bag limits. This is all done to “regulate” the numbers of animals and fish to fit the ecosystem of Michigan.

Animal and fish populations must be controlled. Controlled, so that we do not take too many of them, or so that we take enough of them for the good of the species, and the good of the environment.

Let’s leave game and fish management up to the DNR, not the people of Michigan. They have the trained knowledge to do the job. Are they perfect, no, but none of us are, they do the best they can just like you and I do on our daily jobs in life.

What I can’t stand is some judge in California, or some other state banning the wolf hunt here in Michigan. What do they know of the damage that Wolves are doing to our deer herd?

And trust me, the deer population is down big time because of unregulated wolf populations.

Think they just kill for food, I can tell you from my personal observation they kill for the thrill of it. Ever see a wolf kill a deer? I did, at my camp a couple years ago.

A friend of mine and I were getting ready to go for a 4-wheeler ride. We heard a horrible sound below the hill behind the camp. We walked over and behold, a pair of wolves were killing a big doe.

I never heard such blood-letting scream from a deer in my life as they ripped her apart. They ripped a piece of hide from her front shoulder to her hind quarter from the top of her back to her belly. Do you have any idea of how much power it would take to do that?

That lasted about 5 minutes and the struggle was terrible. I tried to go down and get so video of it, but the wolves saw me and ran off. And, they never returned for the meat, never.

The people that are trying to stop the wolf hunt want to stop all hunting. They do not care about the wolf, just stopping hunting.

Many of these same individuals are for “abortion rights.” They want to kill human babies, but oh God, don’t any of you terrible hunters kill any wolves.

By the way, let’s put the abortion issue to a vote in Michigan and see if that goes over good with the baby killers. If the wolf issue is voted on, we must vote on the abortion issue also.

Game management belongs in the hands of the game managers of the DNR. Let them do their job, and let the bunny huggers stay out of it.

Allan Peterson