To clarify the voting issues


Hello, again.

I am writing this Letter to the Editor as a follow-on to the one published Monday, April 29. After talking to a few people close to me, I found some may mistake my thoughts towards the end of the letter.

I am not condoning any type of violence. I am not suggesting walking in to the White House and on to Capitol Hill, picking people up by their belts, and dragging them outside. I am not so simple as to assume this is the right answer.

I am, however, suggesting people decide what the best course of action should be to restore our beautiful country to the constitutional republic she was founded to be.

To clarify the voting issues, we have recently proven voter and voting administrative fraud. With the vast sums of money thrown at campaigns, most of it spent on destroying the opponent, a person of great qualification has zero chance if they are not financially well off already. Time has proven that those who already have financial abundance do not care what we, the people, have to say. Hence, we only hear bad things about those who are potentially great leaders.

We have the Electoral College. What kind of a farce is this, that we still use this antiquated system designed for a world with primitive communications? There is no reason the entire vote for each and every elected official could not, and should not be taken from the official count of actual voters.

Voter fraud could be almost completely eliminated by requiring picture identification to vote.

Many like to say this would be discrimination. Why? You have to have an ID to cash a check. You are supposed to have an ID to use a credit card. You have to have an ID to drive an automobile. You have to have an ID to purchase tobacco products, or to purchase and/or consume alcohol. You have to have an ID to get a job.

How is it any different to vote? To use the excuse that poor people can’t afford an ID, here in the state of Michigan it’s only $14 for a picture ID from the Secretary of State. I haven’t looked at the laws recently, but I recall it used to be a law here that you had to have a state ID card at a minimum.

The United States of America is not, and has never been a democracy. It is a constitutional republic.

That means the laws are meant to be governed by the authority given to state and federal government by the constitution. Majority rule only applies to select issues.

The Constitution was designed as a document to protect the citizens’ rights from the government, not as a primer for restricting the rights of the people.

It was meant to restrict the power of the government, not the freedoms of the people.

The freedoms and rights granted under the Constitution were not designed to be voted upon in moments of fear, anguish, or hatred. They were meant to endure, and were made with great thought and reason to assist us with maintaining our great country.

Please think long and hard regarding possible solutions.

Tony Verrette

Iron Mountain