Cooks Run hatchery plans advance


Staff Writer

CRYSTAL FALLS – Plans to re-open the Cooks Run fish hatchery in western Iron County are moving along.

During a special meeting on Wednesday, the Iron County Board of Commissioners approved to upgrade electrical service at the site and to direct civil counsel Steve Tinti to draw up a contract for services with Dino Giannola, the interested operator.

The contract should be ready for approval at the board’s next regular meeting on May 9.

Giannola said that he will pay utilities, and that a caretaker will be living on site.

Although he does not intend to hold any regular business hours during this first year, Giannola said that the hatchery will be open to the public.

Giannola will provide $7,500 worth of fish from the hatchery to the county. The fish will be stocked in lakes across the county.

If all goes according to plan, the hatchery could start operations by early June.

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