Showed no common sense


For the record, I am not a Democrat or Republican; whatever you want to label someone who believes in common sense and the truth then please attach such a label to me. With that said, if the Republican Party wants any chance whatsoever of regaining the White House it had better stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Rush Limbaugh criticized the city of Boston for shutting down while one of the yet to be captured bombing suspects was still at large. And then we had Ann Coulter stating that the police should have killed him while he was apprehended in the boat where he was found.

Concerning the former’s criticism, I don’t even want to contemplate the possible scenario and outcome if the suspect would have taken a college, secondary, or elementary classroom of students hostage. As far as Ms. Coulter’s remark it is now reported the brothers may not have acted alone. Let alone her statement going completely against our own laws, the suspect may have information that can help apprehend others or thwart future attacks.

Both showed no common sense or intelligence in their statements.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain