Officials do not listen


I write this letter to you as I sit here pondering a question that has been rattling around in my head for quite some time.

It’s about our elected officials. Mainly those in Washington, D.C., but there are those in the Michigan state government as well. My points involve those of other states as well, but I have noticed that if it doesn’t effect our home, most do not care, so I will try to avoid mention of those persons.

We have a president who continually lies to us. He hides simple information from us.

He takes more vacations than most corporate CEOs, with a larger expenditure than most. He makes constant attempts to bypass our Constitution, while calling it a problem for bringing about “fundamental change” to the United States.

He writes Executive Orders like they’re going out of style, and with the intent to bypass Congress when he cannot get a law or laws passed as he pleases. There’s more, but I don’t want to make this too long to print.

We have those in Congress who refuse to follow the laws they put in place for us, or specifically writing in exemptions for themselves from the laws they write for us.

They tell us spending is out of control, and that they are trying to fix it. They try to make us believe it is our fault spending is like this.

They tell us those people who are supposed to be our heroes and role models are the most likely to be terrorists. They fill us with fear of inanimate objects, of ideas, of patriotism, and tell us our freedoms cannot be protected unless we give them up.

This is like saying we cannot enjoy our money unless we give it to someone else to spend.

They allow the Federal Reserve to print money to no end, with the excuse it will bring prosperity to our people, and stimulate our economy to bring us back to our glory, when in reality it is causing the collapse of the dollar.

This is proven by the fact that McDonalds, the corporation; and Australia, the country, have begun trading in Chinese currency. This is a first since the dollar became the international currency for trade. They are losing faith in the dollar because of the things our elected officials are doing.

Our elected officials do not listen to us, and blame us for the things they do. Are you buying things for the country? Are you sending money to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, China, Somalia, Pakistan, and several other countries?

Are you funding studies on the reaction of flies to varying species’ feces? This last may not be happening, but several, more ridiculous studies are being funded by them every day.

We did not ask them to spend our money like this, but they are. We ask them to represent us, our interests, and our ideals. They represent their own.

To get to the point, I wonder what we can do? Some say, “Vote ’em out.”

To what end? To vote someone else in who is less bad? Often we are given a choice between someone with no credibility (destroyed by the enemies), someone with a horrible history, or the incumbent, who probably just did something nice to make us like him/her again.

Voting does not work. How do we fire these people for refusing to do their jobs? How do we fix the broken system that we have gotten stuck in?

Republicans and Democrats… Just names given to people who wish to become part of the elite. They have some differences.

They differ in who they are receiving kickbacks and contributions from, therefore who they help. None of them live in our world. They violate Constitutional law, as well as state and federal laws, with zero repercussions. They withhold information that is subpoenaed by the Supreme Court.

How do we get them out? Why are they still there?

I’ve thought that a peaceful march of an almost uncountable number of citizens upon D.C., walking in to the offices and telling them to leave may be an option, but I am not sure of the legality of keeping them out, nor do I think we would be able to even reach them if we assembled.

Secret Service and the D.C. police would probably keep us out.

I ask you, are they there because you all feel as I do, that there is no fix? Do you feel as if your voice does not matter? What I would love to hear is a solution that can work, with no violence, and no detainment for any participants.

Any suggestions?

Tony Verrette

Iron Mountain