KHS girls win at Menominee

MENOMINEE – Carlee Benzie notched two of Kingsford’s six wins, as the Flivver girls earned a team track and field victory here Thursday.

The Flivvers, with 72 points, edged host Menominee by two points. Lean/St. Thomas Aquinas finished third (63) and Westwood was fourth (41).

Benzie was the winner in the long jump (16 1/2) and 100 meter dash (13.27). She also finished second in the 200.

“I did a lot of offseason training on vertical and speed and explosiveness,” Benzie told the Marinette Eagle-Herald. “My steps were good today.”

Hannah Tresedder took a victory in the 400 (1:06.38), and Jaelyn Jennings was first in the 300 hurdles (56.04) and second in the 100 hurdles. The Flivvers also earned wins the 400 and 800 relays.

“The three seniors; Benzie, Emma Williams, and Andrea Roell ran really well in the 400 relay, 800 relay and dashes,” Flivvers coach Lisa Harry said. “I was happy for them.

“Hannah Tresedder has been running strong. She looked great in the 400 dash, 800 relay,and 1600 relay.”

Amanda Camp contributed a second in the long jump, with Nicole Lindgren and Samantha Lindeman in fourth and fifth for points. Sydney Warren was second to Jennings in the 300 hurdles.

“Our hurdlers Jennings and Warren came through with some big points, as well as the long jumpers; Benzie, Camp, Lindgren, and Lindeman,” Harry said. “Overall, it was a great team effort.”

Kingsford’s boys won seven events but it wasn’t enough to catch Menominee. The Maroons won with 124.5 points, with Kingsford second with 85.5. Westwood (31) and St. Thomas/Lena (16) went third and fourth.

“It was great to finally get a outdoor meet in,” Flivvers coach Doug Roberts said. “I felt we competed really hard and had some personal bests.”

Hilding Beaudoin led the Flivvers with two wins, capturing the discus (148-8) and shot put (39.5). Lucas Jennings ran to first in the 800 (2:15.07). Tyler Roberts won 400 (54.32), and Ryan Camp took the pole vault at 10-6.

The Flivvers also turned in wins in the 3200 (Jake Allen, Devin Wickman, Austin Stanchina, Lucas Jennings) and 1600 relays (Jake Allen, Jaxson Ferree, Jack Glodowski, Tyler Roberts).

Kingsford also saw runner-up performances from Cole Tengesdahl in the 100, Jennings in the 1600, John Cripe in the 300 hurdles, Devin Wickman in the 800, Carlson in the discus, and Daniel Fleming in the pole vault.

“Our two speed relays have some work to do but we are trying to find the groups and get our exchanges down,” Roberts said. “Now that we are outside we will be able to spend more time on our field events and relay exchanges.”

Kingsford is scheduled to host Escanaba Tuesday.

Results follow:

BOYS: Menominee 124.5, Kingsford 85.5, Westwood 31, Lena/St. Thomas 16.

3,200 relay – Kingsford, 9:07.08; Menominee, Westwood; 110 Hurdles – Bryan Hines (M), 11.55; 2. Carlson (WW), Sexton (K); 100 – Shaun Sullivan (M), 11.5, Tengesdahl (K), Larson (K); 800 relay – Menominee, 1:35.40, Westwood, Lena/STAA; 1,600 – Davey Luplow (M), 4:54.50, Jennings (K), DeDamos (M); 400 relay – Menominee, 45.65, Westwood, Lena/STAA; 400 – Roberts (K), 54.32, Conery (WW), Gladowski (K); 300 hurdles – Bryan Hines (M), 43.75, Cripe (K), Harmon (M); 800 – Jennings (K), 2:15.07, Wickman (K), Kaster (M); 200 – Shaun Sullivan (M), 23.52, Forsberg (M), LaCombe (M); 3,200 – Davey Luplow (M), 11:06.95, Sanchez (K), Lawton (K); 1,600 relay – Kingsford, Menominee, Lena/STAA; Discus – Beaudoin (K), 149-8, Carlson (K), Pursley (M); Pole Vault – Camp (K), Fleming (K), Imig (L/ST); High Jump – Tyler Harmon (M), 5-7, Boucher (M), Fisher (K) & Brilinski (M); Long Jump – Justin Brilinski (M), 19-6, Vorachek (M), Anttila (WW); Shot Put – Beaudoin (K), Peterson (M), O’Hara (L/ST)

GIRLS:?Kingsford 72, Menominee 70, Lena/STAA 63, Westwood 41.

3,200 relay – Menominee, 11.53.50; 100 hurdles – Hewitt (WW), 17.61, Jennings (K), Wanen (K); 100 – Benzie (K), 13.27, Wagner (L/ST), Enderby (M); 800 relay – Kingsford, 1:56.8, Lena/ST), Westwood; 1,600 – Kameron Burmeister (M), 5:40, Ellman (L/ST), Wickman (M); 400 relay – Kingsford, 56.10, Lena/STAA, Westwood; 400 – Tressedder (K), 1:06.38, McDonnell (M), Hewitt (WW); 300 hurdles – Jennings (K), 56.04, Wanen (WW); 800 – Kameron Burmeister (M), 2:34.78, Wickman (M), Frenen (WW); 200 – Megan Roer (L/ST), 28.15, Benzie (K), Williams (K); 3,200 – Etamaki (WW), McClure (M), Johnson (M); 1,600 – Menominee, 4:32, Kingsford, Westwood; Discus – Blazek (L/ST), 76-6, Duffrin (L/ST), Walcher (M); Long Jump – Benzie (K), 16 1/2, Camp (K), Barrette (M); Shot Put – Tasa Walcher (M), 30-10, Svejda (L/ST), Duffrin (L/ST); High Jump – Jagiello (L/ST) & Roer (L/ST), 4-9, Pedersen (M); Pole Vault – Marlena Wagner (L/ST), 9-6, Jagiello (LST), Carlson (WW).