Help me get it straight


I recently read a letter to the editor in your paper titled “Get it Straight.” Unfortunately, I’m still quite confused, so please help me get it straight.

Paragraph two lumps socialism, communism, liberalism, being a Democrat or a progressive together as if they are one and the same. Can someone enlighten me as to how being a liberal, progressive Democrat makes a person a socialist or communist?

Paragraph four claims the truth is a Biblically sound Constitution and Bill of Rights. Does this mean the true freedom of man applies only to Christians and Jews? Should Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc. be deported? Doesn’t the First Amendment to the Constitution, the first of the Bill of Rights, say something about the free exercise of religion?

Paragraph five says people are flocking to our country. Does this mean all immigrants, legal or illegal, should be welcomed with open arms because they are seeking true freedom?

Paragraph six states Obama supporters are traitors to the cause of freedom. Why is this so?

Paragraph seven makes the claim that anyone who doesn’t stand for freedom, honesty, and truth will fall for socialism by lying, cheating and stealing. Aren’t these things a reflection of a person’s moral and ethical beliefs? Is Bernie Madoff a socialist?

Paragraph eight states you cannot be a liberal socialist and an American. Where in the constitution can I find that?

Paragraphs nine and ten I mostly understand, but what do looking good and smiling a lot have to do with being proud to be an American?

Again, someone please help me get it straight.

Rodney Adams