Headed for Auschwitz


A change in government infrastructure taking place would not be necessary in order for America to fall under Obamunism.

Now plainly established is the fact that the institutions of government, from the local police up to highest levels of the armed forces, as well as Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, will unhesitatingly exercise their sanctioned roles in the imposition of dictatorial rule when required.

As we have seen, when violence by a handful threatens the complacency of the flock of sheep, democratic paradigms cannot persevere lest media (bad shepherd) spawned haywire and chaos ensue.

Boston was the testing ground for Obama’s police state and it has proven to be a major success.

The constitutional rights of over one million people were so easily trampled on.

Of course this is no wonder when not only the rights, but the human dignity as well, of over one million unborn are blatantly ignored each year.

Respect for human rights has long gone out the window. Once the rights of one class are lost, the rest easily follow suit.

There is no strength in numbers when the numbers are blind and rattling in fear.

What do sheep do when scared?

They stampede and squash each other until rescued by their messiah. I wonder how many in Boston would have gotten on the bus when told to do so for their safety.

Unbeknownst to them, the bus was headed for Auschwitz.

I can take comfort in the fact that I will never live to see this country when it is not free.

I will be dead before that happens.

Joshua Kaplewski

Florence, Wis.