Do your homework


Well folks, it is getting here fast.

If you remember, I tried last year to warn everyone in my letter about martial law and about a pending agenda with government law enforcement on its way. It was just a gut feeling back then.

The Defense Authorization Act was passed last year and the pretense was to overt some sort of domestic uprising. Citizens of the U.S.A. can now be held hostage by the government without trial if they are suspected to be a ‘threat.’

With the overkill of police force in the city of Boston in the very near past, we are witness to what is coming.

All of this flagrant use of taxpayer dollars and unneeded man power with waste of ammo was set into motion to capture one, and I repeat one, skinny little guy. Thousands of police and military personnel were on site is what we are repeatedly told.

The residents in the town of Waterford and city of Boston were basically held captive in their homes by both local and military police.

They were not terrorized by the one skinny little guy (give me a break here, one member of the special forces could have taken him out. His brother already received the firing squad without trial).

Residents were terrorized by our country’s own police force while officers and later the military went door to door looking for the supposed suspect. People’s homes were searched without warrants I might add.

The military’s authority to do so was spelled out in the Defense Authorization Act. It just made my skin crawl to watch the scenes play out with the support of the news teams and even the president of the United States.

We are told, ‘Boston has saved the United States.’

We sure showed them how strong we are, didn’t we? But, who is it that we showed? And what did we show them?

Actually, the government showed us.

It is a natural instinct to go indoors when danger is felt. But something is terribly wrong when a guy taking his dog out to do a poop is terrorized by a swat team.

Then a guy’s boat is shot up (again overkill) and we are told via Diane Sawyer that the American public should compensate for the loss of the boat.

We are not in a war zone. Even in a war zone there is not such ostentatious display of power.

Once again, here is a reminder. The martial law bill was signed into effect last year giving the president the power to control every agency in the country and put them in lock down when deemed necessary.

Can anyone see how easy it is to control a million people with one little act?

Is the display in Boston a prelude of what the country can expect in the future?

Do your homework and then be very scared.

Monica Kaplewski

Spread Eagle, Wis.