Toughest gun laws don’t work


Unconstitutional laws targeting law abiding citizens rights to bear arms won’t curb gun crimes statistics but makes unarmed citizens easy prey for armed criminals and a tyrannical government.

An example of left-wing gun laws “not working” is Chicago. It implemented the toughest gun laws in America, however, those highly restrictive laws haven’t reduced gun related crimes, especially against school children.

Chicago Tribune News, 6-26-2012; 24 students were fatally shot during the school year that ended June-15, four fewer than in 2010-2011. But overall shooting toll 319, was the highest in four years and a nearly 22 percent increase.

Why hasn’t our national mainstream medias publicized information regarding the hundreds of Chicago’s school children being gunned down each year or echoed public outcries addressing these tragedies?

Mainstream media was quick to utilize Newtown’s tragedy to bolster liberals gun priorities, disarming America.

So why are liberals hiding the fact Americas toughest gun laws don’t work?

Because liberals know dissemination of those facts, children being gunned down by the hundreds in our schools each year, would negatively impact their “long guns grab” rhetoric.

In addition, immediately following Newtown’s tragedy, “attention grabbing leftwing politicians” jumped to ban long guns and accessories from law abiding citizens but completely circumvented addressing the tragedies nucleus.

In fact politicians and judiciary elements blatantly refuse to address gun crimes in an intelligent and straight forward manner and completely negates permanent elimination of gun crimes’ core element, convicted criminals/murders.

Our judiciary elements blatantly forgoes legitimate punitive sanctions that’ll ensure “killer can’t kill again” while politicians protect their political careers by refusing to back utilization of the death penalty to curb violent/gun crimes.

The left likes their naive, gullible, and complacent followers to believe taking away citizens’ constitutional rights to bear arms will end violent/gun crimes. However, there’s more behind the left’s disarming America than meets the eye.

Read liberals purposed gun laws, discover how they parallel the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty which is just one of five “U.S. sovereignty threatening treaties” Obama’s pushing America into.

If liberals really want to curb violent/gun crimes utilize our existing laws. Ensure every adult law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms and conceal carry; uphold every law-abiding citizen’s right to utilize deadly force to defend self, property, and others; ensure every state actively utilizes the death penalty in all felony murder convictions and all felony convictions with gun related parameters.

Ray Wickstrom