Abortion biases


First of all a disclaimer: You may not want to read this because it is graphic and vile, it is however the truth.

If you have not heard of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell you would not be alone.

This man is on trial for murder for his actions at his Philadelphia abortion mill where he performed late-term abortions. Gosnell performed the most horrendous acts on live born babies.

He would routinely performed abortions on women that were over 24 weeks pregnant. This was in violation of state law. One of his assistants testified how Gosnell would snipe the spinal cords of the born child calling it, “literally a beheading. It is the separating of the brain from the body.”

The same assistant stated: “It would rain fetuses, fetuses and blood all over the place.” This witness saw this killing process happen at least 100 times.

Planned Parenthoods recently claimed that the possibility of an infant surviving a late term abortion was “highly unusual.”

The Gosnell cases suggests otherwise. How many others like him are our there right now doing the same things?

There is much more to this story including filthy conditions, an untrained 15-year-old administering anesthetics, at least two women that died from his “services,” drug abuse of patients, discrimination against Afro-American women, fetuses left in toilets and much more.

The conditions at this abortion mill were reported repeatedly to local health department officials and state officials. The reports were made by numerous individuals, staff, and patients even local and state officials. Nothing was done, which would be a nationwide story.

Although you probably don’t want to know more, much more of grisly details can be accessed through the grand jury report that is available on the internet.

So why has the case received so little media attention?

This is a nationwide story but has gotten almost no coverage except from Fox News.

There can be little doubt that the lack of coverage is due to the abortion biases that exists in the main stream media. Editors and producers make decisions on what gets reported and this story is bad news for the liberal pro-choice crowd to which these editors and producers belong.

It appears that infanticide need not be reported if it does not fit with their political and social agenda.

Lastly, remember the Barack Obama refused to vote for a bill in Illinois that would have outlawed the same practices that Gosnell used in his killing center.

Robert Roberge

Iron Mountain