Get it straight


How’s the Obama thing working out for you so far?

Let’s have socialism, let’s have communism, let’s have liberalism, let’s be a Democrat, why not a progressive?

All you Obama followers get this and get it straight.

You have turned your backs on the truth. The truth being Biblical sound constitution and the Bill of Rights, which is totally based on true freedom of man.

Only in the U.S. of A will you find this, it’s why all people of the world are flocking to our county. No body is leaving because this is the last place in the world, for what we believe is true freedom.

And you, yes, you Obama lovers and supporters and you know you are, a traitor to the cause of freedom.

Anyone who doesn’t stand for freedom, honesty and truth will fall for socialism by lying, cheating and stealing.

Ask yourselves Obama voters? Are you an American or a liberal socialist? You cannot be both.

It’s my county, the good ole U.S. of A, sometimes wrong, but still my county.

By the way, it is our county, you can “love it, or leave it” and remember this, be proud to be an American. Stand tall, look good and smile a lot.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

And wake up and die right.

Joe Massie