Disaster after disaster


Immediately after the tragic shooting in Connecticut, the Obama/Biden regime unleashed their campaign against guns.

They fail to address the impact of our young people immersing themselves in realistic video games that encourage them to become unrepented killers, sadist mutilators and monsters utilizing every conceivable weapon for torture, dismemberment, decapitation, impaling, ethnic cleansing and rape.

America has become the world leader in pornography and violent video games. For every two movies, Americans produce 45 porno films.

Have we heard Obama/Biden utter one word about the terrible effects these movies and games produced by their Hollywood friends have on our young people? Not a chance.

In addition to the gun elimination objective of the leftists, consider what has happened in the following gun control countries: Death totals of defenseless victims in the Soviet Union, 20 million; Turkey, 1.5 million; Germany, 13 million; China, 20 million; Guatemala, 100,000 Mayans; Uganda, 300,000 Christians; Cambodia, 2 million.

The total unarmed, defenseless people murdered in these countries number approximately 57 million.

Why do the leftists totally ignore the real cause of the violent happenings in our country and throughout the world? Why have they not noticed that when the courts kicked God out of schools, disaster after disaster has been the result.

Their answer to these tragedies is to confiscate my guns.

Give them up? I think not.

Paul F. Jensen

Florence, Wis.