Transportation funding


Are you concerned about the condition of our roads? If we are going to reinvent Michigan, we need to reinvent our transportation system.

Smooth roads, reliable buses, faster rail lines, more safe bike lanes and pedestrian paths are all things that will bring positive returns on investments to Michigan and communities across the Upper Peninsula.

Michigan’s transportation system up north suffers from more than crumbling roads; it also suffers from a lack of public transit and non-motorized connectivity. Funding diverse transportation options can reduce wear and tear on the roads and extend their service life.

Upper Peninsula communities need to connect people to jobs, stores, and tourist destinations using various transportation modes, including walking, biking, transit, and of coarse driving automobiles. For us in the U.P., snowbikes, skis and snowmobiles should get added to the list.

There are plenty of talented young people looking for work who desire these diverse transportation options in their communities.

We need to put Governor Snyder’s recommended transportation budget measures into law now.

Support adequate transportation funding in Michigan.

Mike Beck