Top Gun of the MASTERS

IRON RIVER – From the first MASTERS snowmobile drag races of the season at Caspian to the final event of the season at Marquette Mountain, the coveted “Top Gun” points champion was going to come from Iron River.

The question that would not be answered until that final race in Marquette was, ‘which’ snowmobile racer from Iron River would it be?

It was after the third of four MASTERS (Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers Series) snow drags that racers, families, and fans knew it was going to be a Goldbach Racing Snowmobile. However, it was both the team owner, Louie Goldbach, and one of his drivers, Chris Nordang, that were in a tight point battle for the “Top Gun” title.

It was in the quarterfinals that both Goldbach and Nordang would end up racing each other, with only one of the drivers advancing. Nordang won that race and went on to win the “Top Gun” feature to claim the 2013 trophy.

It was Crystal Falls’ Jeff Szanto that won the 2012 crown.

Even though Goldbach failed to win the “Top Gun” season points championship, the Ski-Doo race team owner won the Pat’s Motorsports Open mod points championship. He won that class point title by a mere point over Nordang.

Nordang edged out Goldbach in the open mod feature at Marquette Mountain. Iron River’s Jim Storti also competed.

Goldbach did defeat Nordang and Lake Linden’s Jerry Buschell in the mod 800 final.

“Unlike the previous winter when the MASTERS racing circuit had to cancel both Big Powderhorn events and Marquette Mountain due to temps in the 80’s and no snow, this year we ended our race season at two ski hills that had between four and seven feet of snow,” said MASTERS President Skip Schulz.

In the next two months, locations and dates for the 2014 MASTERS season will be determined.

MASTERS plans on hosting the Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH) at Caspian, along with possibly up to two snow drags in Iron County next season.