We will be next


Now the wolf lovers are taking methods that allow the entire state to vote on an issue that only affects a half dozen counties that are completely infested with wolves.

We must do something to eliminate wolves in counties that are completely infested with wolves. Iron and Dickinson counties are two completely infested with wolves. Matter of fact, I saw two wolves trotting along the shore of Sawyer Lake Easter Sunday morning.

I hear there are at least three wolf dens in Mansfield Township.

Also, I hear there is one den near Sawyer Lake. We must do something soon to eliminate some of the wolves in the over-infested areas or when the deer are gone, we will be next i.e.: berry pickers, trout stream fishers, hikers, skiers, bikers, yes, anyone that loves our beautiful outdoors, not just those that want to see wolves wandering around in our back yards.

Leo Fende