Vandals and thieves


I own property in Norway and have always been pleased with the presence of the St. Vincent de Paul store there, particularly the “new” accommodations.

Thinking perpetrators like those the volunteer spoke of in the letter are probably illiterate and don’t read a paper, perhaps someone might share this with them.

1. Close the public restroom from here on out. That is a privilege, not a right.

2. No public use of staff rooms for any customers. Keep them locked.

3. Lock all antique or collectible items in a case accessible only from in the cashier area.

4. Can’t the volunteer group solicit funds for surveillance cameras and equipment from community organizations, like the Elk’s, Jaycees, Lion’s, etc.? These groups should be pro-active in helping non-profits of all kinds, who ultimately help the local population.

5. Since quality volunteers are always welcomed, perhaps a contingency could volunteer with security. Would the Norway law enforcement be willing to do their job with enforcement? Well-screened service volunteers from schools?

It’s sad when a few individuals can be vandals and thieves in this day and age.


I am thought out for now.

Mary Larson

Sheboygan, Wis.