Proud of our store


St. Vincent de Paul Store has been hit again.

It’s hard to believe that so many people enjoy and tell the staff how much “St. Vinnie’s” means to Norway, and yet there are those people among us who are doing everything they can to undermine the good works and effort that is put into making the store the wonderful place that it is.

Just this past week, we tried to put a wonderful antique ceramic pitcher on auction to try and make some additional money (rather than putting a set price on it and selling it outright).

The bid sheet was placed upon the jewelry counter and the pitcher set on a shelf below it. Before anyone could place a bid, the pitcher had disappeared.

We have now had a lock installed on the cabinet but will this deter future theft?

We certainly can’t lock up everything in the store.

We have a nice dressing room and a large public restroom which are kept clean for your convenience but you can’t imagine the condition the rooms are left in by people who use them.

Now they are writing on the walls, sticking their gum everywhere, and you don’t want to know the rest.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do to maintain things for our customers other than no longer having a public restroom or dressing room?

Please write a letter to the editor or call or come into the store with your suggestions.

We are very proud of our store and would like everyone else to be too. We work hard to try and make it the best around.

Constance T. Hallgren


Store volunteer