Deceived and lied to


In a recent Speak Out a writer ‘spoke out’ about fraud, lies and deception as relates to the war in Iraq. I would like to relate my perception.

A cease-fire had recently been declared in the Korean War when in 1954 the United States entered into a contract of obligation and promise called the Manila Pact (SEATO – South East Asian Treaty Organization). That pact called for all member nations to come to the aid of the others when it was threatened with Communist expansion/incursion.

Apparently the writer has forgotten (or didn’t know) that Saddam Hussein used poison gas to kill thousands of Kurds who were opposing his dictatorial regime of opulence and butchery (poison gas equals weapon of mass destruction).

The writer also opined that we wasted 4,000 American lives in the Iraq War and that the U.S. was responsible for the loss of tens of thousands of Iraqis and that Iraq is worse off now than it was before we went over there.

Where does the writer get his/her information from? Apparently this is the writer’s own expert opinion, opinion that is based on supposition, conjecture and misinformation. Does the writer get their ‘information’ from the likes of a ‘Tokyo Rose’ or “Hanoi Hannah’?

By the way, I volunteered and fought in Vietnam 1966-67 because of the U.S. participation in the Manila Pact (SEATO) of 1954. Don’t you believe that we should honor our obligations?

I do.

I believe that America has been deceived and lied to by those who have been attempting to perpetuate a fraud upon the American people, gullible people. We are our brother’s keeper.

William Dixon