Improvements planned at City Park this summer


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IRON MOUNTAIN – City Park in Iron Mountain will not only be busy this summer with people taking advantage of what the park has to offer, this will be the second year of improvement projects.

The city of Iron Mountain received a $500,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund and has three years in which to spend the money on improvements to City Park.

With the $500,000 grant, the city had to have a match of 26 percent or $175,600 bringing the total amount to $675,600 to spend on improvements.

“We will be really busy this summer with some major projects to be completed,” said Kevin Trevillian, project manager, with Coleman Engineering of Iron Mountain.

The 2013 projects include restrooms, sanitary sewer, improvements to the deer enclosure pond, roadway work near the two new athletic fields and a trail going around the park.

The breakdown in cost will be $25,000 from the trust fund grant and a local match of $15,000 for the new restrooms; $70,000 for sanitary sewer coming out of the trust fund; $71,000 for pond improvements from the trust fund monies; $132,00 for roadway work and trails from the trust fund with a local match of $87,000; and $31,000 for engineering.

The total estimated expense for these projects, Trevillian noted, is $431,500 with $329,500 coming from the trust fund and $102,000 as part of the local match.

During 2012, projects completed includes grading, topsoil and seeding for the two athletic fields, deer enclosure fencing and tree planting; and adding picnic tables and benches for a total of $161,659.

After this construction season, Trevillian estimates the city will have spent $593,159 from the total $675,600 with $82,441 remaining.

Outstanding projects totaling $80,000 remain after this year. Trevillian said that this includes a skate board park estimated at a cost of $60,000; frisbee golf area at a cost of $5,000; and concession stand near the new athletic fields totaling $10,000 with $5,000 left for engineering on these projects.

The soccer fields, which were seeded last year, may not be ready to use this year because of a possible problem with broadleaf getting into the seed.

Trevillian noted that it may take one month or more to see what exactly is going on and whether this has affected the fields.

“I agree that we have to make sure the fields are ready to use and can withstand a lot of activity on them. But we have to wait and re-evaluate what’s going on this spring,” Trevillian said.

He also discussed the restroom facilities that will be added to the bocce ball facility. This will include three men’s urinals, a toilet and sink in the men’s bathroom, and four toilets and a sink in the women’s bathroom so there is a good number of accommodations during activities at the park.

Trevillian will solicit contractors for the restrooms, roadways and trails and pond work.

He noted that with the restrooms, they are looking to put in a sanitary sewer system, because a gravity sewer system is good for the long-term. This requires several manholes and 8-inch sanitary sewer PVC pipe to the street at an estimated cost of $70,000. This work will include tearing up the roadway while it is being worked on and the roadway being put back in.

“You need a system that is large enough to meet the requirements for the bathrooms. But we don’t need to resolve the issue of whether it’s going to be sanitary sewer or a septic tank and field before we build the restrooms,” Trevillian said.

There was some concern from city officials about the cost for the deer enclosure pond improvements with the project, but Trevillian noted this could be potentially pared back. They just need to see where the quotes come in for the project, which includes a new pond liner and aeration fountain.

The roadway work and trails are also a big project this summer with the trail going around the deer pen and a paved loop around the park. The roadway improvements are for going in and out of the athletic fields area.

Trevillian said that city crews have already been cutting trees for the path.

City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that the city has applied for an extension with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund allowing the project to be completed by November 2014 rather than May 1, 2014.

Once the park improvements are completed, a non-profit organization has been organized to take care of the park in the future.

Friends of the City Park are working on fund-raising with the goal of having a perpetual fund available for upgrades and upkeep.

The annual Saturday in the Park fund-raiser, which helps provide for the matching funds for the City Park grant, will be held on July 27.

The community picnic event includes musical entertainment, food and drinks, games for kids, a dunk tank featuring city officials, and a flea market.

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