IM’s Cecconi, Cory ‘Kent’ recipients

IRON MOUNTAIN – Nick Cecconi and Camille Cory were named recipients of this year’s A.J. Kent Memorial Scholarship, as decided at the conclusion of the fifth annual A.J. Kent Memorial Ski Race recently held at Pine Mountain.

“It was great fun with a big turnout,” said Kevin Cory, head coach of the Kingsford High School co-op ski team. “This event is growing every year.”

In its first year, a $250 scholarship was awarded to one skier. This year, both recipients will receive $500.

Pine Mountain Ski Club, in conjunction with the Pine Mountain Resort, initiated this event in 2009 as a memorial and tribute to A.J. Kent, a former president of the club and lifetime skier, veteran and supporter of the community.

The handicapped race requires no prior racing experience. Coaches of the high school and Pine Mountain ski teams select the scholarship recipients, awarding the prize to the skiers who best represent the qualities A.J. Kent possessed and inspired in others, including unselfishness, positive attitude, sportsmanship and a love for skiing.

Overall winners of the race were Justin Weber, competing in the 50-59 year old age group, and Sarah Coombs, racing in the 11-12 age group.

Results follow:


Age 5-6: 1, Megan Bittinger; 2, Ella Rizzo. Age 7-8: 1, Brook Bittinger; 2, Maria Fornetti. Age 11-12: 1, Sarah Coombs; 2, Allison Sheski. Age 15-16: 1, Mandy Haferkorn; 2, Rachel Conery; 3, Tonia Wilkey. Age 30-34: 1, Erica Justus. Age 40-49: 1, Heidi Rizzo. Age 50-59: 1, Connie Jayne; 2, Sally Webster; 3, Dawn Cory; 4, Susan Mann.


Age 5-6: 1, Eli Heathman; 2, Geno Schinderle; 3, Quinn Curland. Age 7-8: 1, Adam Frankini; 2, Reed Heathman; 3, Dominic Schinderle; 4, Mike Talesico; 5, Gabe Celello; 6, Luca Rizzo. Age 9-10: 1, Jake Munn. Age 15-18: 1, Nick Cecconi; 2, Matt Anderson; 3, Adam Weber; 4, Derrick Lesson. Age 30-39: 1, Justin Weber; 2, Larry Heathman. Age 40-49: 1, Mark Coombs; 2, Kevin Cory; 3, John Proudfit; 4, Brian Munn; 5, Joe Rizzo; 6, Phil Knop. Age 50-59: 1, Mike Frankini; 2, Jim Webster; 3, Bud Delano; 4, Scot Dahlgren; 5, Toni Santi. Age 60 and up: 1, Bob Hendrickson.