Winter leaving, Easter arriving at same time

With beautiful sunshine hitting the weather-weary shoulders of Superiorland residents in recent days, it finally feels as though the strange winter of 2012-2013 is coming to an end.

This happens just as we approach Easter, the time of renewal.

Early in the winter, the area lagged in snow totals, sometimes being feet below average for the white stuff in December and early January.

But as the season progressed, Mother Nature started cranking up the snow machine, with chilly temperatures and below-zero wind chills added to the scenario.

At first, that was a welcome boost for the tourist industry, with winter sports enthusiasts enjoying the plethora of snowfall.

But then the snow kept coming, with banks reaching epic levels and driving hazards abounding.

Therefore, it is with a sigh of relief we welcome 40-plus degree temperatures in the waning days of March, melting some of the abundant snow pack and bringing a feeling of hope for spring conditions to soon be the norm.

This being the Upper Peninsula, we’re probably in for another snowstorm – or two – before the white stuff is truly gone but we can handle it.

And sunshine to close out March like a lamb is truly a wonderful development.

Happy Easter, Mining Journal readers. Happy Spring.

The Mining Journal